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Echo PB-755T Blower Backpack Style

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With a max speed of 204 mph and 625 cfm of air volume, the Echo PB-755T is a powerful backpack blower with maximum blowing capability.

Echo PB-755T Blower Backpack Style

A Powerful Blower, Backpack Style

When you need max power in a backpack blower, look no further than the Echo PB-755T. With 625 cfm of air volume and a professional grade engine (63.3 cc), it is Echo's most powerful backpack blower.

The tube-mounted throttle features cruise control for less fatigue and easier blowing; with the wide-angle tube rotation, you have an easier time of directing the blower's airflow.

With this amount of raw power, the PB-755T is ideal for landscapers, lawn care businesses, and large institutions. Large property owners will also appreciate this workhorse of a blower.

The see-through fuel tank lets you quickly see your fuel status, and the 68 oz capacity allows you to work large jobs without having to stop to refuel.

An automotive-type air filter provides this blower with a longer life by keeping the air intake and output clean.

Landscapers' Equipment

If you're a landscaper or lawn care contractor, it's necessary to have a few pieces of equipment to help you do your job faster. A lawn mower to cut grass is #1. A gas blower is next up—you can use a backpack blower or a wheeled blower—and this will help you blow leaves and debris.

For landscapers, a lawn sprayer may be required if you fertilize or treat your clients' grass, plants, and trees. World of Lawn Care carries a variety of these 3 equipment types, as well as organic fertilizers and products.


PB755T Specs

*All specifications subject to change without notice.

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