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Husqvarna 345FR Brushcutters

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2.8HP brushcutter and clearing saw

Husqvarna 345FR Brushcutters

Clearing away brush can be very time-consuming, and chances are you do not want to spend any more time working on this aspect of property maintenance than you need. Therefore, it makes sense for you to choose a high-quality piece of equipment that can help you with your brush cutting and clearing needs. A top choice in the market today is the Husqvarna 345FR (17") 45.7cc Brush Cutter/Clearing Saw. This machine is powerful and it offers some nice features and benefits that you will appreciate whether you are a homeowner, in charge of property maintenance, or you are a professional landscaper.

One of the nice features is the amount of versatility you will find with the saw. You can do far more than just cut through brush. Thanks to the removable cutting equipment, which you can change out with the magnetic locking pin, you will find that you can also cut through wood, and you can use the Husqvarna 345FR (17") 45.7cc Brush Cutter/Clearing Saw as an edger and trimmer when needed.

Of course, many who are using the machine want to make sure that it will be comfortable for them. This is especially true when it comes to using the saw for long periods. It weighs 18.5lbs, and thanks to the shoulder harness, it will spread the weight across the back, chest, and shoulders. The handles are ergonomic and adjustable for even more comfort. In addition, the machine can absorb vibration, which can reduce stress on the hands and arms.

You will find that the Husqvarna 345FR (17") 45.7cc Brush Cutter/Clearing Saw is easy to use, as well. If you are looking for a powerful piece of equipment that can help to make short work of the brush on your property, then this could be the right choice for your needs.

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