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Lawn Repair Machine

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Repair lawn quickly with this simple tool. Save hundreds on lawn repair costs with this easy-to-use, innovative product.

Lawn Repair Machine

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A simple tool to quickly aerate your grass and let you put fresh grass seed in deep!


If you've got brown spots on your lawn, you're probably frustrated at the high cost of lawn repair. But it doesn't have to be so expensive! With the grass stitcher lawn repair tool, you simply roll it over the thinning area, then sprinkle grass seeds in the holes. It automatically plants seeds at the right depth, and sprinkle water over the seeds.

You get:
  • Proper planting depth
  • Excellent soil contact
  • Perfect mulching every time
All without having to get big bulky machinery, or heavy sod rolls.

This lawn repair tool is effective, it can go into small areas like dog urine spots; it can also get hard-to-reach areas like curbs, and it easily rolls over thin lawn areas to create a planting bed for seed regrowth.

See how quickly your lawn rejuvenates!
The grass stitching tool has an adjustable handle so that you can use either leg strength with the lever high near your waist, or slide the lever down the shaft so you can use body weight to stitch into hard soil.

Its extra-wide holes are perfect for getting enough grass seed to fill in bare patches.  The combination of long and short spikes help to loosen up the soil around the seed, creating a welcome environment for water to penetrate.  You'll see fast results and restore your rich, green lawn with this lawn repair tool!
  • Carbon-reinforced poly-fiber wheels create a lightweight, strong machine.
  • Wheels flex under pressure so they don't break off on rocks or hard soil.
  • Aluminum frame
  • Weight: 8lbs
  • Head: 10 inches

*All specifications subject to change without notice.

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