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LC-CPS5 Cordless Portable Sprayer

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The 5 gallon 12V Cordless Sprayer is ideal for someone wanting to do the odd lawn treatment spray job around the house or building.

LC-CPS5 Cordless Portable Sprayer

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This cordless sprayer is ideal for someone wanting to do the odd lawn treatment spray job around the house or building.


This LC-CPS5 self contained cordless portable sprayer will help you apply detergent, acid, pesticide and other chemicals products which require a pump with Viton components. Ideal for outside use, green houses or in production plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Cordless Portable Sprayer include Free shipping?
Yes, the Cordless Portable Sprayer includes Free Shipping in the lower 48 states and Canada.

What application does the Cordless Portable Sprayer work best for?
The Cordless Portable Sprayer is designed to spray any kind of liquid including fertilizer, tree care products, flower care products and can also be used as a watering system to water any kind of vegetation.

Is the system Guaranteed?
Yes, the complete system is guaranteed. Manufacturer 1 year warranty.

  • Compact steel frame on 10” wheels
  • 5 gallons polyethylene tank with continuous agitation
  • 12Vdc diaphragm pump, 1.2 gpm x 45 psi, Viton elastomer for greater chemical resistance
  • Battery case with external charging connectors
  • Group 24 deep cycle battery to be purchase locally, up to 10 h of continuous operation
  • Cleanable 100-mesh strainer on pump suction line
  • 25’ of hose with a 24” spray gun
  • Empty weight: 46 lbs- 21 kg
  • Loaded weight with local battery : 121 lbs – 55 kg

*All specifications subject to change without notice.


Cordless Portable Sprayer

Cordless Portable Sprayer

Cordless Portable Sprayer


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